Monday, May 2, 2011

What a Day

Yesterday was a different day altogether.  I awoke in the morning to hear the rain falling.  My first thought was "Yes!".  The next thought was "Oh, no!"  Two big events were happening that day.  One, by the time I had rolled out of bed, had started.  The Memorial Marathon in OKC.  Now, I didn't worry for myself, (it seems I may never make it to another one) but for the thousands of runners, 6 in particular.  I could hear occasional thunder and just hoped that it was closer to our house than it was to them.  The second was a wedding that was to take place that evening.  An outdoor wedding no less.  There was still plenty of time for it to dry out before the ceremony, but it was supposed to stay cool.  Downright cold for May 1st.  I'm not sure how either turned out, but I made sure to pray for all of them.

Later that morning we headed to downtown OKC for the first of the second round games of the NBA playoffs.  (It was still raining and there was still lightning and the marathon was still on.  We passed several runners who were finished already.  Cold, wet, yet mostly smiling.  These were surely ones who had participated in the 5k walk or the first leg of the relay, but they had participated and remembered why this marathon is run.)  Anyway, as we were walking to the arena in our emergency ponchos, I just had to think about my friends running and hoped they were still at it.  Unlike teh three previous home games, it was dead outside of the arena.  There had been only a very smallblock party planned because  it lies on teh marathon route.  Since it was raining, even that was cancelled.  It just seemed to kill some of teh normal spark, the game stunk by-the-way.  I think players from a parallel universe showed up for the Thunder.  Oh well, there are 6 more chances to win 4 games.

We missed baseball practice and the wedding since we got home too late to prepare for either one.  We don't generally make it to a lot of weddings.  Knowing what they symbolize we ought to try harder, they just aren't our thing.  Isn't that so lame?  I think from here on out I will resolve to go to more.

Finally the evening ended with some long overdue news.  Bin Laden was dead!  I hope that people don't think that this is over with by any means.  There are still thousands of those men out there who want to see us dead just as much or more than he did.  It's jsut nice to see that our government stuck with it and saw it through.