Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Down a Dirt Road

What you are seeing here is not a lack of cleaning.  It is a lack of rain combined with several other factors.  Factors such as: much cooler temperatures, open windows, and living on a dirt road.  When you combine these things you are basically just asking the dust to come in and make itself at home, especially in your windowsill.  Guess I will be dusting today, and it is everywhere.  I wiped my counters down in the kitchen yesterday (an everyday occurrence mind you) and there was a lovely dusting of red dirt on all of them.  That was just one day's worth.  My poor car looks like it hasn't been washed in several months.  That is a weekly occurrence.  I'm not sure why I bother, by the time I drive home, down the dirt road, from the car wash it already needs washing again.  Now as much as I would love it if the county would pave our roads, I would rather have the rain wash them out again!  GAG!

Well, off to dust!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Elk City Rodeo Of Champions-A Labor Day Tradition!

 Every Labor Day weekend Elk City has its annual Rodeo of Champions.  It had been years since I had gone to it and thought this year would be a great time to change that.  Elijah has decided that he is going to be a rancher when he grows up, so I thought he ought to see some things that a real working cowboy might have to do on his own ranch.  Tabitha had the weekend off from school and work so she went with us.  Her grandmother has really missed seeing her and was glad she was able to make it.
So, here we are before the rodeo. Elijah quite proudly told his dad that, "Mom actually got into a pair of Wranglers!" I like to think he was just surprised that I wore Wranglers, and not that I actually found a pair that fit. (Although they are the biggest Wranglers that I ever had the displeasure of wearing. I think the rodeo clown would have had to cinch them up.) Oh well, it was the first time in years that I had worn Wranglers and my ropers (cowboy boots) had long since disappeared, so I just got myself some new boots too! Now I am ready for any western event that might come my way. Hopefully in smaller jeans though.
Kathrine, Tabitha's BFF, went with us as well. Everyone had a great time! Below are some pictures of some of the events. Enjoy!

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