Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Fever!!

Before-It will be a while for the "after".

Spring has sprung, well not officially until this weekend, but today and tomorrow are supposed to be wonderful!.  Mid 60's to 70's, light wind (in Oklahoma that is a miracle in itself), sun.  Just wish I had time to get out in the garden and get some things done.  I guess there won't be any cool weather crops for me this year.  About a month from now I'll get out there and get my salsa planted, along with a few other Oklahoma basics.

Right now I am focusing on getting the house cleaned out.  Not really spring cleaning.  Let's just say I do it religiously every year!  I still have quite a bit to go, but it is getting there.  It's one reason I haven't been posting much.  I also haven't had much to post about.

It looks like I might be running in a couple of events in the nest month.  There is the Redbud Classic, a 5k or 10k run, but Elijah has a land run at school that day.  I may still run in the marathon (on a relay team) as well.  The only problem with that is we have the "Elijah" concert that afternoon.  We'll see.  Either way, I'd better get my butt moving, literally.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Final Snowboarding Trip of 2010

We made it back from Sipapu just yesterday.  This was our trip with the kids and some friends, as opposed to the snowboard date just Jeff and I had a month ago.  Jeff asked last night which I liked more.  I honestly couldn't chose.  Although it was really great to have some alone time as a couple, it was also great to spend some family time with the kiddos.  This is the last year Tabitha will be with us because she has to be.  Next winter she will be in college or trade school.  She will have a different schedule than us.  Although I hope that she would still choose to go with us if she were able to, I realize that she will also be 19 and able to make a lot more decisions for herself.

Elijah still has several more years of "forced" family trips.  He was just amazing on the slopes!  He has little fear and since he is just 7, he also has the ability to pick things up so quickly.  This is only the second time for him to snowboard.  He can almost beat Jeff down the mountain, he spent several hours in the terrain parks, and had several jumps mapped out on his runs.  He was catching some air on a few of them!  He was also beating me down the mountain most times, but he was very cute and would wait for me at certain parts of the run.  One spot he liked to wait for me because it has "nice view".  He can be so sweet!  At this particular spot one time, while we were resting our snowboard legs, we over heard some snowboarders on the lift above talking about "that awesome little snowboarder"  They were talking about Elijah.  They were pretty complimentary.  We also saw them in action, they were pretty awesome themselves!

We are already planning for next year's trip.  Hopefully we can all go.  Tabitha will probably need some relaxation and Elijah is planning how he will do his jumps.