Monday, May 18, 2009


Well, I think we've finally decided that we've had enough of home schooling. Tab will be a senior this year and wants to go. Elijah will be in 2nd and I think I need him to go. When I started this 8 years ago, I envisioned a much greater level of learning than we have achieved. Tabitha was in the gifted class, Elijah wasn't even thought of. The first year went quite well. It was just Tabitha and me. We went on field trips, studied many subject. We had bulletin boards and a great classroom that Jeff had remodeled for us. Then a great surprise! He came in October, in the second year of homeschooling. Nothing has been the same since. As a baby he never slept. He took 20 minute power naps around the clock. He cried if you didn't hold him and he always wanted to eat. UGH! I kept thinking that when he was older it would change. Well, 6.5 years later it really hasn't, except that now I'm trying to teach him too.
Both of my children are incredibly smart. Not just saying that either. Like I said, she was in the gifted program in public school. Elijah can read at least at a 6th grade level, probably higher. He can do some simple multiplication. He's in first grade. I think we have all just grown tired of it. We all need some time away from one another, Tabitha needs more prodding and Elijah needs to learn to mind other adults. So I think it's time to try something new.

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