Saturday, January 1, 2011

Look at My Kiddo!

Okay, this is completely a brag post.  Elijah has had several opportunities to interact with OKC Thunder player in the past few months.  He has attended 2 Thunder basketball camps and players always come for one day to play with the kids and teach them a few things.  In the first camp last August, on of the players stole his shoe then the other one in a fake slam dunk, set it on the back of the rim.  Last week we were at the Lego OKC City scape and saw him on the video running at the OKC Arena display with Daeqwon Cook.  Pretty neat.

Before the first game against the Rockets he was chosen to be the ball delivery boy.  For that he was to simply give the ball to the ref and get his picture taken.  Well, the ref asked Elijah who he favorite player was and then the ref called Kevin Durant over to meet Elijah.  The guy who picked Elijah said that never happens.  As far as we know it hasn't since then.

Last week he went to his second Thunder camp.  He was able to meet James Harden and Eric Maynor.  I went to the Thunder website to find out about that night's game and the first image to pop up Had Elijah clearly displayed.  You could look at more photos and video as well.  He was in one more photo and the video.  He actually "scored" against Maynor!

So enough bragging, for now.

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