Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fun Field Trip!

Elijah is currently studying astronomy in school, so we took a little field trip yesterday to the Oklahoma Science Museum.  The museum has, among many other things, a planetarium.  Since we were the only two in the planetarium, we were able to as as many questions as we wanted and answer all of them we wanted as well.  Elijah even stumped the head of the planetarium for a few moments with one of his questions!

In the planetarium
Now that's a tree, at least for Oklahoma!
We had loads of fun, but as we made our way to the car, we saw an unwelcome sight.  There was a large grass fire burning in Northeast OKC.  Today it was still a problem.  We are even able to smell it at the house.  We sure could use a lot of rain!

Two mornings later and it's still going.

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