Monday, January 2, 2012

A Year to Review

What a year 2011 was!  While it did not start out great for yours truly (broken wrist) it ended great!  So here is a brief review.

January-we went to Sipapu for some snowboarding and on my 5th run of the day fell and broke my wrist.  This was also our first day of snowboarding so that really stunk up the rest of the trip for me but we had good company in the evenings so the whole trip was not a bust.  Later in the month I hit the big  4-0 so I guess that was another milestone.  I went to my first ballet, and what better ballet for a first than Swan Lake performed by a Russian ballet company.  Then came the bucket list item-George Strait in concert!

February-Snow!  Lots of snow!  We were calling it Snow-klahoma.  I loved it.

March-At some point this month, the cast came off!  Elijah started baseball and we started garden prep.  Little did we know it was going to be crumby year for gardening.  I got to go snowboarding again and this time nothing broke!

April-We finally made it to the Medieval Fair in Norman!  That was about it for the month as far as anything new and exciting.  Oh wait-the Thunder made the playoffs!!  We had tickets!!!

May-our 22nd anniversary, Thunder still in the play offs and we still have tickets!

June-backpacking in Colorado.  Jeff, Elijah, and I took off for the mountains and a few days of backpacking.  We had a good hike in and out and caught a few fish too.  I've been camping several times, but always within a few yards of where we parked and with no chance of meeting a bear.  This time it was 3.5 miles away, uphill, and chances of bears increased dramatically (although we never saw one).  It was awesome!

July-June had been hot and dry and July it only worsened.  Elijah went to my mom's for a week, so we did some work in his room.  We replaced some windows with shelves and his room just looked so much better.  Now he has a place for all of his Lego creations and have more to dust. Yay!

August-We went backpacking again, but this time Tabitha was able to go with us.  We went to Colorado Gators while we were there as well.  This hike was not nearly as pleasant as the first.  We had an elevation change of 2200 feet in about 4 miles.  31 switchbacks!  I never want to see another one of those.  It was still a good trip with the whole family.  School started back up and it was time to get back to a routine.  i also wanted to get my pull-up back.  Still waiting on that to happen :(

September-We went out to Elk City for the annual Labor Day rodeo and that is really about all that happened.

October-The Feast!  This year we went to England, Scotland, and Ireland!  I would love to go back and spend a month in each place.  There is so much history, and it is my history as well.  Through some research we found that my father's side of the family has a sizable connection in Edinburgh and in England.  Jeff and I also have Stewarts on both sides.  Elijah had his last single digit birthday.

November-Tabitha left the teen years behind this year.  Jeff and I had a second honeymoon of sorts. We left the kids with Nan and we headed for Hawaii.  That you Living Social Deals.  Now Another bucket list item is marked off.  We hiked Diamond Head, snorkeled in Hanauma bay, swam in the waters of Waikiki beach and watch the sunset on Friday night on the beach.  We road ATV at Kualoa Ranch, and same some big surf at Waimea bay!  It was a great trip!

December-still waiting on some snow.  The NBA started back up and we have tickets!!  I've taken Tabitha and her friend Sarah to a game and Elijah and his friend Mitchell.  Jeff and I made it alone to the last game of 2011.  We also now have a dog!  I am just as excited about that as Elijah is!  A 100 pound German Shepard showed up and adopted us.  It is a bit of a long story, but I'll get some pics and post about him later!

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  1. How fun! I wish I'd had a year 1/2 as busy...mine sure was exciting enough, though, with a "new" baby! Thanks for sharing!