Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Boy's Dream House

The 4th of July, what better day to build a tree house!  Early this morning, Jeff and Elijah headed into town.  They stopped at Elijah's favorite breakfast place, IHOP, and had a big breakfast.  You need one if you are going to be building a tree house.  After that, they headed over to Lowe's for supplies. They worked hard until about 3:45 this afternoon. Then the unthinkable, rain on the 4th.  Not in Oklahoma, is that even possible?  Well, the rumble of thunder tells me that it is.  So for the moment, construction has halted, but not before the main floor and the porch/deck were completed! 

For the rest of the day we will just wait around for the rain to stop and then go to the Redhawks game this evening.  Following the game is OKC official 4th fireworks display.  My parents are in town to go with us so we should have a great family 4th!  Stay safe and have a great day!

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