Friday, July 9, 2010

Just the floor and the door

The tree house is finished!  Well, all but the floor and the door, as the title implies.  The floor has been painted to seal it and we will put down some outdoor carpet, but that has to wait on the door.  We special ordered one from Lowe's.  Why would we special order a door for a tree house.  Well, first of all, it is an odd-sized door.  "Wait", you say, "doesn't Jeff make doors for a living?"  Yes indeed, he does.  But the time effort and expense to make one, justified the expense of buying one specially made.  The expense was nominally more, just a few dollars, the time saved on having to make it and get it just right is worth $$$ to all of us.  Not to mention our sanity.

This tree house would be any little boys dream.  It has a front porch so it resembles a fort and house.  There is a trap door with steps that lead up to it on the tree trunk.  You can also climb a rope to get up to it.  There is a gate to go through at the rope and it closes down when you are on the deck.  There is another climbing rope under the house and a tire swing.  We actually had the rope and swing in the tree already, they all just moved around to be more convenient for play.  There is a bucket on a rope and pulley so you can bring thins up or lower them down.  (I tried to get Elijah to take me up but no, he wouldn't even try.  I think he stopped just short of telling me I was too fat.  Good for him.)  And as every red-blooded American boy should have, there is an American flag flying from it as well!


We also reworked the play area under the house.  It had been wood mulch and castle blocks.  Now it is rubber mulch and landscape timbers.  It looks much better with the tree house. 

He is making his list of friends to come over and play.  I think I will be busy for the rest of the summer!

This is what he said he wanted to do most in his tree house!

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