Friday, August 27, 2010


Wow, what a couple of weeks it has been.  We got Tabitha moved into the dorms and started Elijah in home school.  I thought after that things my even out a bit. WRONG!  Now, it's not all bad.  We are anxiously awaiting the opening of our church's new performing arts center.  It is an amazingly beautiful (and that still doesn't describe it) building and grounds.  In order to get it ready for its opening, I have been helping out on the land scape crew during the week.  I am not able to go everyday, nor all day, but it has added a bit more to my schedule.  They got the fountains up and running yesterday!  This fountain was one thing I got to help with while volunteering for landscape crew.  I got to wash it out.  I forget how big it is, but it was an all day job.  Mind you, I did have one of the new freshman helping me, but it was still a BIG job.  That made it a little more exciting to see it up and running!  Here are a couple of beautiful pictures of the Swans In Flight.  These were taken by Aubrey Mercado.

Elijah has also joined the home school band.  he has chosen to play trumpet.  I'm happy with that choice.  It's not drums at least.  Trumpet is a good, manly sort of instrument I think.  He has really enjoyed playing it so far.  Enough that I have to make him stop practicing most days.  He's not too bad either, not that he's any sort of child prodigy, but for a seven year-old who has no musical experience, he does just fine.  It has made me want to find myself a flute and start playing again.

Practice makes perfect, or at least better!
All together now

The last thing keeping me busier than usual would be teaching 11 college sophomores how to make jelly.  The girls from Armstrong College came by today for home ec.  We had a lot of fun and made a big mess, but we got some really good jam out of it as well!

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