Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First Day of School and Rewards!

Yesterday we started back to school.  As a few have asked, "August 2, why so early?", 'cause we can!
Actually, that is only a reason and not the reason.  Each year, in the fall, we take a trip.  We are usually gone for two weeks.  Last year we were gone for three and they missed a week at school because of it.  This year we plan to stay gone for three weeks again. (Don't worry, no one reads this and we have a house sitter.)  That is another reason for the early start.  We also like being able to take off whenever we feel the need to.  Jeff is not tied to a schedule and we like to school year round with several mini breaks thrown in.  If we want to ski, we do, hit the lake for a couple of days, no problem, hang out in the Caribbean, heck yeah!  An early start to what is never really finished is just the thing.

"Art"-chain counting sown the days until the feast!

One thing Elijah did this summer was read.  Not just a book or two.  He read over 50.  There was a summer reading program at the library and he received several freebies for his efforts.  One of those rewards was two tickets to a Red Hawks game.  They are the Texas Ranger's farm club.  We also had tickets from the July 4th rain out, so last night we went to the game.  It was fun, he got a foul ball.  He didn't catch it, the man who did gave it to him after a bunch of bigger boys almost ran Elijah over while he went for it as it was bouncing around.  That was really nice of him.  We also saw Ryne Sandberg.  He is a former Chicago Cub (and Oklahoma 89er) and hall-of-famer.  He now manages the Iowa Cubs, Chicago's farm team.  That is who played last night.  I had quite the crush on him when I was young.  I think Jeff might have been a little jealous.  I already have plenty of pictures of you, Sweetie!


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