Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rough Seas and Fun!

Friday we went to Store Bay to enjoy a little relaxation at the beach. We ate at the local food huts. MMM...roti. If you have never had roti, you are missing out. It is a curried stew that, depending on where you are getting it, will come wrapped up like a burrito or the roti is served as the bread with the stew. The tortilla like bread is actually the roti. The varieties of stew you can get with it are many. From potato, goat, or chicken to conch and shark. I stick with chicken or potato. As I sat there eating mine a local walked by and said, "That roti is as big as you!" I should have gotten a picture because he wasn't exaggerating by much. Everyone else had fish and chips. It is not your traditional British fare, but it is delicious!
Friday was also Republic Day in Trinidad and Tobago. September 24th is the anniversary of the nation declaring itself as a republic. Here is some info about that event. It was not very busy at the beach, at least not like we expected. Below are some pictures to why that may have been.

We had a blast despite the rough waves. Well, everyone but me. I stood taking pictures and watching everyone's clothes and bags. No need to give human nature a nudge by leaving bags with wallets and cameras unattended. Next time I will have to leave the bag watching to someone else. Maybe not, it took Jeff several washing to get all the sand out of his hair and off the rest of him and I can't imagine how long it took Tabitha to get the sand out of her hair. When you can see it being lifted up in the surf you know that doesn't bode well for a good hair day.
**Blogger isn't loading pics so I'll have them later

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