Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Next William Tell?

We think we have finally found something that will hold Elijah's interest.  Archery.  He tried it last week at Camp Classen day camp and really enjoyed it.  He usually tries things for a week or two, then gets bored with them and moves on to something else.  We usually go out and buy all the things he needs to participate in the chosen activity, then we are stuck with equipment we will never again use.  Fortunately for us his uncle has well equipped his sons, who are a few years older than Elijah, quite well with all manner of hunting equipment, including archery.  We are using one of their smaller compound bows to start out with.  I bought a target and three arrows and spent less than $20.00.  If he grows weary with archery, his cousins can have the things we bought and they'll have their bow back.
He's got his head too far back and this is the grouping he got for that==>
If he can stick with it and keep up his practice, we will look into private lessons and getting him some of his own bows.  He really likes using the recurve and long bows.  For now his uncle is teaching him what he can, he is learning all the safety rules, positioning, and proper nomenclature for all the equipment.  I guess we'll see.

Here he has better head position and so he got a better grouping==>

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