Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We are very blessed to be able to attend some of the best entertainment events around.  Some of them are going to be majestic, some will be a visual delight, others an audio delight.  We are so happy to hold season tickets for the inaugural Season at Armstrong Auditorium.  The venue itself is a study in splendor that alone is worth the price of admission.  Grand onyx walls, matched cherry wood panels, and even if you are blind you can't miss the three dazzling chandeliers in the grand lobby.

Here are a few pictures we have taken, they don't do it justice.

Last night we attended the sold out performance of the Bayanihan Philippine National Dance Company.  For a girl who grew up in Oklahoma, and who can barely remember how to Cotton-eye Joe, it was quite a spectacle.  The ornate costumes, the different styles of dance and music, (I didn't realize how heavily the Spanish had influenced the culture) everything worked together for an amazing evening.

Other performances we are looking forward to include: The Vienna Choir Boys, Eroica Trio, and Andre' Watts.  The Russian National Ballet Theatre will also be performing Swan Lake.  I can't think of a better time to see a ballet.  I hope you can make to see some of these and several other performances that are scheduled.  Here's where you can get tickets!

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