Monday, May 10, 2010

A Great Mother's Day

I hope every mom out there had a great day!  I did.  It wasn't spent at a nice restaurant or out doing some great ting together as a family.  What made it great was that my daughter took her little brother out to do Mother's Day shopping.  "So what?", you may be saying.  Well, she's 18 and he's 7.  He's 7 and quite a pest sometimes.  She's pretty impatient.  That doesn't usually go well together.  She took him anyway.  I think she may be beginning to realize that if she goes off to college, she won't have the time with him that she does now.  I also think he is becoming not such a pest.

Buckingham Palace

When the returned from shopping, she helped him with the gift he had gotten for me and she gave him a card to give me.  I have to say that there is almost nothing better as far as gifts go as one your young child has either made or picked out on their own.  Now gifts they pick out on their own are usually not all that useful or grand, but you know that love and thought were put into it.  This year was no exception.

Crab Piggy Bank

My card from Elijah

Tabitha's gift for me was a little more useful to me and no less thought out than the one Elijah got for me.  She knows I like to cook and that I like kitchen gadgets.  (She also like to use the gadgets she gets me!)  I'm not one of those moms, or wives that gets upset with household or practical gifts.  Yeah, I love a diamond ring as much as the next girl, but cool kitchen gadgets are just as great.  maybe next year someone will get me a dishwasher.  Not a mechanical one, I have one of those, I mean someone who will clean up after me, ooh and maybe even fold and put away the laundry.  I digress. 

Mother's Day gifts

The best gift was the time that my two kids spent together yesterday.  He was fairly good for her, she was not too gripey with him and I had a couple of hours of no one but me at the house.  It was nice.  So, I hope you had just as great of a Mother's Day!

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