Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Senior Pictures and College Acceptance

Senior Pictures
Friday we went to take Tabitha's senior pictures.  As usual I had put something off until the last possible minute, so the fact that these were done only 6 days before graduation means the were done early.  I picked here up early from school and we headed to the portrait studio.  After about two hours we had our pictures in hand,  Then headed out to Elk City where my sister lives.  She was doing all of the outdoor shots.  The day started of beautiful here in central Oklahoma but by the time we got to Elk City the wind was sweeping down the plains with much pleasure I believe.  It took a while but we got some really good shots.  I should have those tomorrow when my sister comes for graduation!

College Acceptance
As I said above, I picked Tabitha up from school early to take pictures.  I also felt she needed a bit of a breather.  She has been waiting to hear from college whether or not she had been accepted.  She attends a small, private school and the other two (yes, two) seniors had already heard.  This has been a little rough for her, but she had been handling it well.  We talked about her back up plans on the way to Elk City.  She had some good ones.  Well, little did we know that while we were gallivanting around Oklahoma taking pictures, her letter was being hand delivered to school.  Since she had left, they ended up mailing it.  That weekend while at church several people who would be the one who would know what the letter said asked if anything good or interesting happened during the week, to which I replied "No".  We didn't know about the letter until a little later.  We weren't told what it said, just that she had a letter.  Finally, 3:20 yesterday, we got our mail and there it was.  She's going to her college of choice!  No backup plans needed!                                        

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