Thursday, May 20, 2010

Olympic Day and Stereotypes

We spent today at a home school track meet in Midwest City.  I hate to make generalizations or perpetuate stereo-types, but I'm going to anyway, it was your typical home school group of people.  Now just to be fair, some of these stereotypes, we fit into.  For example, Biblical names for all of your children.  I have Tabitha, Nathanael, and Elijah.  There were actually several Elijah. and a whole host of other names.  Sarah, Leah, Rachel, Hannah for the girls.  Jacob, Caleb, Samson, all the gospel writers. So, we fit that one.  There were the girls in there long denim dresses because they don't wear pants or shorts for religious reasons.  We don't wear make up and we tend to have longer hair, but it's not usually to our waists.  We somewhat fit that one.  There were several families with 6+ children, we do not fit that one.  The one area we don't really fit in would be the lack of athletic ability.  Now, like all stereotypes, not all home schooled children lack this.  Some just haven't been exposed to it, but others really excel. 

The Duggar family-all 20 children are home schooled!

We are somewhere in the middle, leaning a little more toward the athletic side.  That is thanks to my husband.  I wish I could take credit for it, but alas, no.  I love sports and am fair to goodish at them, but he really excels at most anything he tries.  Now Elijah is still just 7 years-old and we aren't sure of his "gifts" as far as sports goes, but I'm afraid speed is not one of them.  He is my son after all and I sadly lack it as well.  He gave it his all though and did get a 5th place ribbon for the 100 yard dash.  He also had a great time and that is what I really wanted.  He didn't complain about losing even one bit.  He thought his fifth place ribbon was the greatest.  As long as he is having fun, being a good sport, and striving to do his best, that is good enough.

200 yard dash-Like his mom, he's bringing up the rear!  Sorry 'bout that buddy!

Oh, in case there was any doubt, homeschoolers are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.  I am one after all!

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might...
Eccl 9:10
His memory verse from a few weeks ago.

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