Thursday, December 23, 2010

OKC in Lego

As part of OKC's Downtown in December activities, you can go see The City (this is how Okies refer to Oklahoma City) in Lego Blocks.  Now, if you have ever been to Legoland, you may not be blown away.  After all, there are no life-size Darth Vaders or Volvo SUVs, but it is still really neat.  There is a replica of the current Devon building and the one that they are still building in real steel and glass.  You can see the state capital and Crystal Bridge.  There is even an OKC Thunder game with Kevin Durant slammin' one in against the Mavs.  The neatest part of it might just be the bombing memorial.  All the chairs are there and lit up.  Each one is place just as it real life counter part is on the memorial lawn.  I never knew Lego could be moving.  We also got a bit of a surprise while we were there.  At the Thunder display they have a video playing (I think it is supposed to be a jumbo tron) as we were watching, we saw someone familiar.  Not Kevin Durant, but Elijah Burks!  I had to giggle.  He's been wanting to go to this since it opened and he's been there the whole time!

Elijah hanging off of Daequon Cook at Thunder Basketball Camp.  Now on the "jumbo tron" in Lego OKC!

Well, now Google says the picture uploader is unavailable.  I'll post more pics later.

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