Monday, March 21, 2011

The Joy of Gardening

Whether it is a beautiful flower garden solely for the purpose of visual pleasure or a vegetable garden meant to provide your family with food, gardening can be immensely rewarding.  This weekend we got the soil for our veggie garden tilled.  We have some amending to do after it is tested, more than likely, but really the hard part of the preparation is finished.  Not that it necessarily physically difficult, it is more of the getting around to that seems to be the obstacle. 

Over the next several days we will test, add to, re-till, cover, and finally plant.  I may try some new varieties of the yearly staples, but for the most part I will not venture to far from what I know will work.  Throughout the spring and summer there will be many hours of hard work put in a relatively small space.  Hopefully that will result in a great deal of reward.  That reward, no mater how meager or great will be frozen, canned, and of course eaten fresh.  We will enjoy the fruits of our labors to the fullest!  I can't wait for that first vine ripe tomato or bowl of fried squash!  That is truly joy!

I think this quote I received really sums it up quite nicely.
“ For me gardening is a journey not a destination. With any luck I will be finishing this place forever”

That is going in the title of my gardening blog!

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