Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring is in the Air!

If you are unsure of that, just try to get into your allergist!  Anyway, one of the first sure signs in Oklahoma are the red buds budding out.  You can tell in our area why they are the state tree. They are everywhere.  Soon their little heart-shaped leaves will be budding out!

The neighbor's red bud

You can also tell from the sound of little league baseball being played everywhere.  This is the first spring Elijah has played in the spring, it is usually the summer league he plays in.  His first game was this week.  He has never played machine pitch so the fact that he didn't get a hit is no big deal.  He has a great swing and with some practice he'll be knocking the cover off of the ball.  He made a great stop in the outfield and one as shortstop, even getting the runner out on second!

A swing and a miss, but what a swing!

Today he went to archery.  He missed the class last fall, but I made sure to get him signed up this spring.  He is loving all the activity!

Archery at the MAC

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