Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just Some Miscellaneous Stuff

First of all, I managed to spell "miscellaneous" right the first time.  Considering how often it is abbreviated and that I've had a rum and coke, that's pretty nice!  (I think I will leave the rest of my misspellings and typos in this just so I don't get too cocky, and you ca nsee how much i de[end on spellchecck, it's rather sad.  Wow even just in that last sentence!)

last week on my yahho home page there was an article about the greatest inventions ever.  There was one glaring omission.  The self-cleaning oven.  If you have ever had to clean an oven the old-fashioned way, you will understand why.  Now, while the smell will run you out of the house, it is well worth it!

So clean! And no woek!!

So how many of you have children who seem to end up with more food on their clothes than in their mouths?  Okay, those who are under three years-old don't count.  it seams no matter how hard we try to get Elijah to take smaller bites, lean over the plate, poke with the fork instead of scooping, he gets someting on him every meal.  Well, tonight I tried a new tactic.  To set teh stage, he had some fresh strawberries and scrambled eggs for dinner, he even cooked his own eggs.  jeff and i weren't hungry, so we left him to himself (first mistake, I know) at the kitchen bar.  A few miutes later he came to the office with his hand over his chest like he had been shot.  Then we say the strawberry red all over his white, t-shirt.  This was purposely done so that he looked wounded.  I had to turn away and laugh because it was rather creative of him, then we had to get onto him for it.  That;s when I decided it was time for him to learn how to remove stains from his own laundry.  We filled up teh sink, got some detergent and he got to scrubbing.  At first it was neat because teh stains turned purple when we put the detergent on them, but then we (he) had to sscrub.  A little less fun.  That is his new chore.  EWe'll see how it goes.

We also clipped teh chicken's wings this morning.  We usually do thattwice a year.  It is just usually much warmer.  We do this to keep them out of teh garden once we close all the gates.  They will fly over the fence if we don't and scratch up every plant in the garden.  This doesn't hurt them.  It would be like clipping your fingernails.It was cold and early.  How cold?  Well, i put on the Carhardt and teh ear warmers.  How early?  I still hadn't had a shower.  You may want to avert your eyes.

On a mission

She's fine, other than she can't fly now.  Not that chickens do much of that anyway.

Wow, looking back at this post, I really do make a lot of typos.  And there were quite a few that i corrected out of ahbit as i went along.  And i apparently don't hold teh shift key down long enough when I type "I".  As you can see.  I won't subject you to that again!

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