Monday, July 18, 2011


Okay, so we have finally finished Elijah's room, but there is one problem.  We are doing an OKC Thunder(and OU) theme.  What's the problem?  He has lost his autographed Thunder hat.  We know exactly where, and about when, it is just that I  didn't realize until now.  He lost it in the bathroom outside Section 307 in the OKC Arena during the playoffs, I'm pretty sure it was the last home game against Dallas.  So here's where you might be able to help.  Tweet this link or Facebook it.  Whatever social media you prefer.  I know it is unlikely to bring any results.  The person who found it, he did go back to get it once he realized what he had done, has probably sold it or will want a reward ford it.  But maybe, just maybe a little boy's prayer (and his mom's too) will be answered!

The hat has his name inside, I think, and has been signed by most of the players, except for: Durant, Westbrook, Robinson, Perkins, and White (who is now with the Bobcats), Rumble, and two Thunder Girls.  Morris Peterson signed it twice and Nazr Mohamed is the only one of the new players to have signed it.

So, thanks in advance!

I'm sure I'm opening myself up to a lot of spam comments, but you can reach me by posting there.

Here's the hat brand new, not sure how we didn't get KD's autograph.

You may be able to see some of the autographs in this pic.

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