Friday, July 22, 2011

What do You do When the Kiddo is at Grandma's?

Last Saturday evening I took Elijah out to my mom's house for the week.  Cruel, yes.  But I had fun and that is what really matters!  Okay, she loved and so did he.  She also put him to work painting!  Funny, because that is one of the things I did this week.  In Elijah's room, there were three large windows.  One facing out to our front yard, the other two facing the interior wall of Jeff's shop.  He called them the snow-windows when he was little.  When Jeff built his shop onto the house, these window were covered up from teh shop side.  We had the wall insulated by a company that does blown insulation to cut down on the noise.  As Elijah sat in his room and watched, it looked like snow falling and covering up the windows, hence, snow-windows.  That was about 6 years ago.  This week we finally covered them up with a set of shallow shelves.  So while he was gone, I painted.  His room is officially complete.  Of course being a little boy from Oklahoma the theme is OKC Thunder and OU Sooners. (I did manage to get in a Texas Longhorn reference.  He went to KD's basketball camp a few weeks back and he was in the "Longhorn" group.  His team won the most games in the group so he has a certificate with a beautiful, burnt orange Longhorn right in the middle!  I do expect to come in some day and find the certificate displayed upside down.)

Windows behind Elijah

Now they are useful and look MUCH better

The Dunk!

That's about all the Sooner I can handle

The other thing we did was have a few dates.  Since Tabitha went to college last August we have had a total of two.  I had become quite spoiled to almost weekly dates before that.  (Man, I miss those days.)  Most were just getting a bite to eat and a movie but we did do one that was really fun.  We went to a shooting range and shot a handgun.  Now, you don't need to actually own a handgun to do this.  You can rent them for use at the gun range.  They have everything you need: goggles, ear protection, ammo, and guns.  There was about a 15 minute instruction period on the particular gun we used.  Safety and operation and a little good natured ribbing.  Somehow I struck the man as a girlie-girl.  Not sure why, but he was a funny man and former police officer.  After that we went into the range and dry fired several shots to get the feel of the gun. Let me just say that even with the ear protection, it is LOUD!  And be sure to were closed-toe shoes, no sandals allowed.  Then we got down to business.  having never shot anything other than a pellet or nail gun, I wasn't sure what to expect.  I was used to the noise by the time I shot so that didn't bother me.  I just braced myself and fired.  Our instructor said I didn't even flinch.  I also hit right where I was aiming! After we emptied one box of ammo, we got another and our instructor fired a couple  of rounds.  Right through the forehead, same hole.  Very impressive.  We did pretty well for never having shot a .9mm before.  In one picture you can see several holes just to the side of the target's head.  There were supposed to be in the ear, but Jeff isn't as good of a shot as I am.  Hey, I gotta be better at something!

Target #2-I tried to give him a face

Target #1-Not bad for our first time

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