Friday, July 8, 2011

I Lost My Pull-up and Can't Find It!

Well, what should I expect after 2 years of mostly off, off and on Crossfit? A broken wrist has not helped any either. Six months (to the day) on from falling while snowboarding and it is still pretty sore. I have been able to greatly modify my “pull-up”. I do them from a standing position, sway forward in a kipping movement, come back and jump up, letting myself down as slowly as I can, which right now is not very slow. I also do a lot of ring rows. In order to hopefully facilitate a faster gain in finding my pull-up, today I ordered some Iron Woody Bands. They are ginormous rubber bands that you can hook under your foot or bent knee that helps you to get the full motion of a pull-up, while providing the needed help in getting up. Can’t wait for them to come in! Yes, Tab, I will let you borrow one!

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