Friday, November 12, 2010

It's Another Tequila Sunrise-Almost

When I was younger, The Eagle were one of my favorite bands.  Tequila Sunrise was one of my favorite songs.  However, this is not about The Eagles or their song, it is about grenadine.  How exactly am I making this connection.  Well, anyone who know what a Tequila sunrise is, knows grenadine is one of the major components.

Courtesy Wikipedia-The Tequila Sunrise is a cocktail made in two different ways, the original (tequila, crème de cassis, lime juice and soda water) and the more popular concoction (tequila, orange juice, and grenadine syrup). Originally served at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel, where it was created by Gene Sulit in the 1930s or 1940s,[1] the cocktail is named for the way it looks after it has been poured into a glass. The denser ingredients (cassis or grenadine) settle, creating gradations in color that mimic a sunrise.

Now, if you are familiar with the commercially available grenadines, you realize that they are mostly corn syrup, citric acid, and coloring.  This has not always been true.  True grenadine is made from the juice of pomegranates.  You can do it the hard way, by seeding a pomegranate, covering the seeds with water, bringing to a boil, running through a sieve and mashing out any extra juice, adding sugar and simmering for another 15-20 minutes.  Or just buy some POM and adding the sugar, etc.

I had three pomegranates that were going to go bad if I didn't do something with them, so I went about making my grenadine the "hard" way.  One question you might have is' "How did it get its name?", well, the French word for pomegranate is grenade.  The artillery you might be familiar with is so named because of its resemblance to the fruit.

Well, now I have my grenadine, I guess it's time to make myself a beautiful sunrise!  It has been a pretty dreary day, after all.


Seeds ready to cook

The mess from just cutting the fruit in half.  Glad I was wearing a red shirt!

After cooking

Strained and thickening.  That is just a reflection of something in the juice, not anything floating in it.  I strained it 3 times.

Just waiting for oj and tequila!

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