Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lessons Learned

Okay, this is not some profound or life changing lesson that has bee learned.  But to an 8 year-old it is one that showed him you can be rewarded by doing what you are told to do and not arguing about it.  Last night we ent to the OKC Thunder game.  It was "Blue Out" night.  Everyone was encouraged to wear Thunder blue to show support for the team.  Jeff and I got our Thunder gear on and told Elijah to go do the same.  He first came in with just his Thunder hat.  We told him to go put on his Durant jersey.  "Why? I look dumb in it."  To that we quickly let him know it was because we told him to do it.  Well, we got no more arguing and reluctantly put it on along with his Kid's Club lanyard.  He was Thundered up!  Out the door we went.

We stopped to eat on the way.  While we were waiting for our food he asked us how all the kids who get to go on the court in the pregame were able to do that.  )These kids get to be honorary co-captains or give the game ball to ref.  The co-captains then get a small ball autographed by the Thunder's captains.  Usually Keven Durant and Russell Westbrook.  The ball delivery kid gets a picture taken with the ref.)  We told him they chose kids who were dressed to show they support the Thunder by wearing a jersey or hat or other items with Thunder logos.  We then said they don't pick kids who come in a white t-shirt, which is what he originally had on, and that maybe sometime he would be picked.  After we ate, the two of them ran to the arena while I had a nice little stroll in the cold. 

When I arrived at the arena went to my seat.  We don't sit together, but that's another story.  I could not see them at there seats.  We were about 45 minutes early and there weren't many people there.  I saw them walking to their seats just a few minutes later and waved to them.  The next time I looked back, they were gone.  Then I saw the coming up to my seat.  Elijah came running up to me with a huge smile.  I just assumed he was glad to see me.  No, he let me know right away that was not the case.  "Mom, I get to be the game ball delivery boy!", was his excited remark.  They had seen him come in with not just a jersey or hat, but both and a kids club badge as well.  They knew he was a real fan and that is why they chose him.  See, minding can pay off.  He got to go down court side while the players were warming up.  Then his turn came to take the ball to the ref and get his picture taken.  The ref then asked him who his favorite player was.  "Kevin Durant," he told him.  "Kev, come over here," yelled the ref at Kevin Durant.  He came and shook Elijah's hand and then took a picture with him!  Cool!  Jeff had taken him down to the waiting area and when the guy brought him back to Jeff he told him that getting to meet a player was not normally part of being the game ball delivery kid.  That ref just happened to ask Elijah and get Kevin Durant's attention.  We told him that was an extra blessing for being willing to mind, even though he may not have wanted to.  He had changed his attitude quickly about wearing the jersey.  (He thinks he looks dumb because it is so big.)  Hopefully this will serve to help him to remember to be much more willing to just mind.

Kevin Durant is the tall one.  Just in case you weren't sure.

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