Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Season's Over

Tabitha and I finished our basketball season tonight!  This may be the only year we ever play on the same team, and let me just say, I don't look forward to playing against her!  She's never really played other than at summer camp, so she doesn't have a lot of shooting skills.  What she does have is speed, jumping ability, reckless abandon, a good eye, and natural athletic ability.  Of course she got all of that from me!  Okay, maybe some from her dad as well.              
Nice Squat form!

I had to make her play this year.  She really doesn't like it, she's more of a volleyball girl.  She complained most nights about having to go, but she always gave it her all once she was out there.  She says she doesn't like it because she doesn't know what's going on.  I told her not to worry, neither do any of the rest of us!

This is one of her rare shots.

She steadily improved each game.  She doesn't shoot often and when she does they're usually pretty ugly.  What she does do is steal and rebound!  Tonight I think she took more shots than ever, and she hit two of them.


Girls guard way to closely!  In case you are confused.  This is me and not Tab, I'm the bigger one.

Not that I like to admit that, but a bigger butt does help push some of those smaller waifs out of the way.  Now I try to play nice, but I did grow up playing against big ol' farm girls in Oklahoma!  I also grew up playing 6-on-6 basketball.  If you aren't 30+ years-old or from Oklahoma you probably don't have a clues as to what that is.  Here's a brief explanation.  On each end of the court you have 6 girls.  The half court line is now a boundary that you cannot cross.  Three of the girls on each end are forwards, they shoot, and three are guards, they play defense.  They guards are also supposed to get the ball to their forwards on the other end.  Best part about it is half the running and much less congestion at the goal.

  See here you can count 8 of the 10 players on the court, plus the ref.            

Anyway, I was always a guard.  I never once shot the ball in my entire "career" of  high school ball.  Now I occasionally do and I even make a few from time to time.

Probably didn't make that one.  I was wide open.

So here are a few more gratuitous pics of my daughter and me.  You may take your nap when you are finished!

Drive or pass?  She is just a freshman.

Save it!

Pretty girl!

A bit jumpy!

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  1. Definitely drive--NO MERCY, Mel.

    "She's just a freshman"? C'mon.