Sunday, April 18, 2010

April Showers...

...bring May flowers.  They also bring cooler weather and mud.  When you are ready for warmth and you live down a dirt road, neither are really welcome.  Don't get me wrong, I love a refreshing rain.  I love thunderstorms with their heavy rains.  Normally I don't even mind, as the weather man just said, 28 straight hours of rain, but I want to get out and plant my garden!

Today.  Wet and 52.

Earlier in the week, sunny and 78!

So far the only thing I have really done to my yard has been mow and spray for weeds.  Now, I got the weeds sprayed in plenty of time before the rain set in and as I sit here typing away, the weed killer is doing it's job.  I guess I should be happy that there is some work being done in the yard!  I have a few flowers planted in pots on the front porch and Elijah and I will get a tomato plant put in our Topsy Turvy.  Yes, just "a" tomato plant.  I didn't get more than that because I knew the rain was coming.  It is a yellow tomato.  They aren't quite as flavorful as their red counterparts, but they do make a pretty presentation. They DO NOT make a pretty salsa however.  The Topsy Turvy is a bit of an experiment.  We were just curious to see how they really work.  The tomato plant we purchased actually had two in it, so we will plant the other in the garden or a bucket and see which really produces more.

These flowers smell like cloves!

We'll see?

With all the rain we are getting, I may not be able to get into the garden for a few days.  By that time we are expecting more rain.  That's just the way it is on Oklahoma.  Feast or famine.  In July I will be praying for a little rain.  This time not only to water the grass so I can mow (in July we often have brown lawns in July because of the convection oven heat and wind along with the lack of rain) but also to wet down the dirt road to tame the dust.  Don't buy a black car if you live down a dirt road, unless you always want it to look filthy!

                   The Driveway                                                  The sidewalk and unplanted flowerbed

The 7-day

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