Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Little boys


Why is it that little boys don't seem to care if their feet are absolutely filthy.  It drives me nuts if my feet are dirty.  The minute I get in from the garden or the beach, I have to wash them off.  I don't mind walking in my garden or freshly mowed grass in my bare feet, but once I'm out of that, I want them clean.  Not Elijah.  He would go to bed with them looking like what you see above, usually worse.  We try not to wear our shoes on the carpet to save some of the dinginess they bring, but I would have to cut off his feet!

I'm sure that will pass as he grows older, but maybe not.  As you can also see, he is quite the goofball.  I'm sure he gets that from his daddy.  The two of them are quite the "peas in a pod"!  I am sure there are many years to come of the goofiness, so I am trying to prepare for that.  Especially since Tabitha may be heading to college in the fall, leaving me the only female in the house.


He does have his quiet moments though.  He loves to read!  If it is quiet around here, I can be pretty confident that he is reading somewhere.  The trampoline seems to be a favorite spot this spring.  He likes to read so much, that he will reread the same book several times. Sometimes in one day!
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