Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Busy time

It's definitely spring!  I mowed for the second time in a week yesterday.  The grass, or I should say weeds, are busy too!  To slow them down a little I sprayed the today. Whaaa haa haa!!  Take that weeds!  Sunday I will probably spread a little new grass seed to try to fill in some bare spots.  Of course it is Oklahoma, so it will probably pour with in a couple of days and wash it all away.  Tomorrow I hope to get the garden sectioned off so that I can start getting it planted.  I will also have to put something around the asparagus bed to keep the ducks out of it.

Home school is going well.  Elijah has a whole new attitude and he is not nearly as moody as he had been before.  The only problem has been trying to keep him busy.  He is finishing the work by noon and that is with extra work.  One advantage to that is that he is getting to spend a lot more time with daddy.  He goes with Jeff when he measures houses and installs cabinets.  They have gone fishing and had some fun with other things too.

Tabitha is busy with all the end of the year school things that a lot of seniors go through.  She's still anxiously awaiting to hear from the college she applied to.  We are hoping she is accepted.  If not we will get her enrolled in a few classes this summer and then maybe culinary school this fall. 

We are also waiting to find out where we will be going for our annual fall trip.  Last year was Belgium and Greece, the year before was Sandusky, and the three years prior to that were in Tobago.  We are hoping to go to Tobago again this year.  WAITING, WAITING!

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