Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Three Hurdles

I have found three basic hurdles to a strict paleo lifestyle (besides not scavenging): Cheese, brain farts, and Thunder basketball. Cheese- because I loooooove it, brain farts- not just sticking any food item in my mouth without thinking, and Thunder basketball- water is the only thing at the concession stands that is Paleo.

Cheese I'm doing okay with, even though I really do want a big chunk of Brie right now. it's just sitting in my fridge calling to me as I write this. (Don't worry little Brie, open meal is coming up!) Brain farts are getting better, at least there are fewer of them. Thunder basketball is another story. Well, it wouldn't be if I would just eat before the game. Problem with that is that we leave around 5 to get there.

Solution: I am just going to have to sneak food into the games! So today I am preparing my Thunder snack food. I bought strawberries and they are dehydrating. I have coco-coconut bars I could take or just some nuts. Then I can always take some jerky for some protein.

Paleo is taking a little more planning than I would have liked, so it had better be worth it. Not seeing anything to be able to say one way or the other yet. Of course there have been two Thunder games this week and one more to go.

On another subject. I have been working out one-on-one with Jason at Crossfit OKC. I can see improvements there and I finally did some lifting today. That's the part I like! He told me to be ready for a big workout tomorrow. Great, he may actually be trying to kill me. Especially since he convinced me to buy some fish oil. It helps get rid of excess belly fat. It doesn't come by the gallon though.


  1. We get some good fishoil at a good price, if you'd be interested. We get the CLA separate, on Vitacost.

    1. Thanks. I just ordered the Vitacost brand. Jason said it is a really good one. What kind do you get?