Sunday, June 27, 2010


My daughter Tabitha has been having terrible problems with her allergies this spring and early summer.  She always looks likes she's crying.  People constantly ask her if she's okay.  She also gets horrible rashes this time of year.  Since allergy eye drops and pills aren't having any effect, we decided it was time for a new course of action.
This eye looks good when compared to hers.
The first thing we did to try to help alleviate her symptoms was to tear apart all of her bedding and wash it.  I also took  away her 5,000 decorative pillows and stuffed animals that covered the bed.  Then I bought her a new pillow and dust cover.  It really didn't seem to help much. 

She had more than this on her bed!

At church I talked to a few people about some of the things they had done that has helped with their allergies.  I got a few ideas for herbal and natural remedies.  Right now we are trying MSM and quercetin.  She just started that yesterday, so we don't know how that is working.  I switched her to some natural soaps and lotions to see if that would help.  Nothing we can see so far with that. 

I love Burt's Bees!

One thing that has seemed to help a little is a major change in her diet.  We are having her eliminate 5 main groups of food.  She has done this for a week so far and it seems to be making some difference.  At least she doesn't look like she is crying.  These are the foods she has eliminated: grains, dairy, eggs, peanuts, and soy.  Hopefully after another week we can start adding them back in slowly to see if there is one of them that does affect her.  We think there may be an issue with grains.  She took Elijah to the movies and had a couple of handfuls of his popcorn.  Before the movies was over her eyes started to itch and turn red.  They had been showing some improvement.  She also had some "paleo" blackberry cobbler.  There isn't any grain in the crust, but it does have egg.  This didn't seem to bother her at all.  She really like the crust and thought it would be a good cereal.  Today I experimented with it and I think I came up with a pretty good batch. 

I will post the recipe for the "No Grain Granola" and the cobbler on a separate post.  The cobbler recipe is courtesy of Paleo Mom.  I have her blog in my links.

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