Sunday, June 13, 2010

Under Utilized

Those two words describe my great, back deck workout space.  A few years ago my husband and I started to do Crossfit.  We were both instantly hooked.  I love it because, (well frankly, I had always hated to exercise) it is not your packaged video workout.  BOOOORING!  Unfortunately over the last year and a half both of us have had to deal with injuries that have kept us out of the game.  Today that became very evident as I played softball.  Every time I hit the ball and took off for first, I was clumsy and slow.  One time they overthrew first so I was compelled to head for second.  Another overthrow and another case of over competitiveness took over, so I headed to third.  I made it safely, but wished I could have just laid down to take nap.  Running 180 feet should not be so difficult.  It was rather pathetic.  Never have I been so glad to have a player catch a ball!

GHD machine and Tire for jumping

Pull up bars and rings

Back to the point of the post.  I have had this great workout space and rarely ever use it.  Even when we were regularly Crossfitting, I didn't use it much.  The main reason was the pull up bars.  They are made out of Galvanized metal pipe.  It is slick and difficult to maintain a grip.  When your hands get sweaty it's even worse.  Hopefully today I took care of that with $10 worth of tennis racquet grip.  I also started back on my Zone Diet.  I hope in a couple of weeks to be back into a routine with both diet and exercise.  I also hope to look good in my bathing suit by the time we head to Tobago in September!

Without the tape

Regular grip tap

"Pro" grip tape


  1. oh, how I've always admired your home gym!:)

  2. Thanks! Now I guess I'd better use it for sure!