Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I had a great date with my daughter yesterday, after school.  She has a project due for photography class, so we went to Bricktown to get some photos.  It will be a silly project.  She took her stuffed alien (from Toy Story) and put him on some of the painted bison that are scattered through downtown and Bricktown.  The assignment is a photo essay, so it must tell a story.  What that story is, I'm not sure.  I don't think she is either.  Maybe, "Alien Visits Oklahoma to Find Missing Alien Bison".  These bison, not buffalo, are all painted in crazy ways, like Chicago's Cows on Parade. They are pretty fun.  Unfortunately her camera started freezing, literally, and we will have to go back Sunday to finish them up.

Here she is in Londaon, taking a picture of...


After walking around in the cold to get pictures we went to The Wedge Pizzeria.  We got their great spinach salad and "The Vedge" pizza, we added chicken to it.  YUM!  After that we went shopping for cute bras.  I'm not sure why she needs cute bras since no one else sees them, but anyway.

Tonight we are headed back to Bricktown.  We as in, Jeff and me.  We are going to eat and then buy a couple of Thunder tickets from scalpers.  We see them every time we go to a game and you can usually score some pretty decent tickets that way at a good price.  In OKC you can only scalp a ticket for 50 cents over face value.  Better than Ebay or Stubhub for a last minute ticket.  The Thunder are playing the Hornets, OKC first NBA team.  Okay, they were only our while New Orleans couldn't accommodate them due to Katrina, but we are still fans.  Kinda like the first crush you ever had.  They aren't your true love, but you never forget them.  Ought to be a fun game!

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