Thursday, January 7, 2010

Such fun!

Had a great time on our date last night.  The Thunder lost though.  On our way to the game and after we talked about how much fun we have with each other.  We met when I was 17 and he was 19, then we married 11 months later.  He had turned 20 just four days earlier.  I think the key to us being together over twenty years later is the fact that we still have fun together.  We are, in many respects, still just two teenagers, even though the gray in our hair tells a much different story.  As does the fact that we have an18 year-old daughter, she likes to remind us of that as well.  If more couples today would just have fun with each other, maybe more people would stay together.  Do you think Tiger and Elin had fun together?  Probably not.

So what was so fun about our date?  Well, we went to American Pub before the game.  Before Thunder games, the first 100 people who come in get a free 1/2-pound burger.  We were 2 of those people.  With fries and cheese we spent $2.77 on food and it was a decent burger.  We spent way more on beer!  They had a free throw contest and Jeff won a free beer there, played a trivia game and then left for the game.  We didn't have tickets for the game.  We went with the plan to buy from scalpers.  Got two great seats for 1/2 the cost if we would have bought them online!  After the game, we walked in the freezing drizzle back to the car.  Scraped the ice of with our driver's licenses-someone has put my ice scraper in his truck-and headed off to IHOP!  MMM, biscuits and gravy at 10 p.m. 

He makes me laugh.  He is definitely a goofball.  He says that makes me a bigger goofball since I married him.  He's probably right.  For our next date I will have to wait about a month, but that's okay.  We are leaving the kids with grandparents and we are headed to New Mexico to snowboard!

Go and have fun with your spouse!  Just so you know, the burgers are regularly 99 cents at American Pub, they're nothing to write home about and it is a bar (smoky but no kids allowed) but it's a cheap date too.  Go have a cheap burger and a beer or two and make each other laugh!

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