Thursday, January 14, 2010


It's been awhile.  A while since I have really been able to workout without worrying about hurting my back, or just working out without my back hurting.  July to be precise.  Since July, I have done two workouts.  A pull-up ladder and the other a thruster/200m run couplet.  My back has been feeling so much better that I decided yesterday it is time to get back into my Crossfit-style WODs (workout of the day).  Of course now I am out of the habit and after I decided that's what I was going to do, I forgot and felt rushed to do something late yesterday evening.  I managed a whole 25 push-ups.   What's even more pathetic is that they were from my knees.  UGH!!!  And even more pathetic than that, I'm  sore.  My pecs, my lats, my bi's and tri's.  How did it get soooo bad?  Well,  I am confident that it is going to get soooo good.  I've done this Crossfit thing before.  I love it.  It has not been an issue of just getting out of the habit, it has been a period of recovery.  Now, I will never be what I was before the whole back issue.  I think I will have to give up PR's and max lifts, but I can still do the body weight stuff and light weight O-lifts.  I will sure miss them though. 

Inchworm sucks!

Looking forward, I have a half marathon to get ready for in April, and even closer than that I have a couple of snowboarding trips to prepare for.  Those things, if I will just get out there, will be easy to do.  I really am ready.  Next week is supposed to be warm, so I will get out and give my back a test run.  I think I'll start easy, just a mile.  If my back doesn't rebel on me, I'll add another mile to it the next week.  Then if I don't die snowboarding, I'll begin training for the 1/2 marathon in earnest when we get back-hope the weather cooperates for it.

Memorial Chairs

I'll also be getting back on a stricter eating routine.  I love The Zone by Barry Sears, but eating well has always been my weakness.  My dear hubby is getting back on it as well and I do much better when he is Zoning too.

Zone snack!

So, it's a new year to most people, but instead of making resolutions, just make a change!

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