Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Making Plans

In just over two weeks we are headed out for our two day snowboarding date!  Getting things in order before hand has been, well, not fun, but I am getting excited.  We've got the kids taken care of for the time we will be gone.  Gotta love grandparents! 

Keystone trip-2007

I did have some unusual preparations to make before the trip.  They will all be attending a wedding while we are gone.  It is a theme wedding and Tabitha needed a fascinator.  "What's that?", you ask.  A silly little feathery hairpiece worn mostly for formal occasions.  Since we don't just have these lying around, I made her one.  It turned out pretty cute I think.

Fascinating fasinator!

Other preparations that had to be made included buying a new coat.  Not because I wanted a new one.  There was nothing wrong with the one I had.  In fact, I really liked it.  So did someone else.  Last year Tabitha left it on a table and someone took off with it.  She wasn't away from it for 3 minutes, but that's all it took.  So this year I got a new one.  Since I was making a fresh start I decided it should match my snowboard boots-blue.  Then since my pants matched my old coat-green-I got some new pants too.  Black, that way they match any coat I might have in the future.  Gotta love Ebay and Craigslist.  Got the coat there, my pants at a wholesale place in OKC, some new gloves, a board (new), boots, and bindings.  Everything for around $200.  Not bad when you consider most new boards are well over $200 alone and I saw several coats I would have like for $250+.  Can't wait to try it out! (The resort has had 11" of new snow since yesterday and two more storms coming through before the week is out!)


In March we are going again, this time with the kids.  Hopefully we'll have some friends along as well.  You know who you are!

Brugge, Belgium 2009

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