Thursday, December 3, 2009

4 in a row

I heard this on the radio this morning, "Once is a mistake, but if you continue to do it, it is a decision." They were talking about Tiger Woods and his seemingly uncontrollable desire to sleep with women other than his wife. Now that whole story is a blog on it's own, but I'll not dwell on it except to say, he's an adulterer plain and simple. No matter the reason. Whether she's not living up to her wifely duties as he sees it, maybe she's not a very nice person to live with. Whatever.

So on to better things to talk about. I had my CFK class this morning. These three kids in this class are a hoot! They are in a special class because of religious reasons. For issues of modesty, they do not work out with the opposite sex (other than family members). Now, this is not why they are a hoot. No, they are just three really funny kids. The youngest is 7 and is, well, my favorite. I try not to have favorites in class, and she doesn't get any special treatment, but she's too cute and too funny!

I'm still deciding on what to do when I grow up. I did buy some yarn and knitting needles the other day. They have just reinforce my thoughts that microbiology may be the easier route to go, but I'll give it a real try again.

Well, the coffee is ready and so am I!

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