Thursday, December 17, 2009

Date Night!

I love date nights!  Sometimes it's actually date breakfast or lunch, but I love them!  It's been a few weeks since we've had one, but that is probably more than most people. get to have.  Where should we go, what should we do?  Doesn't really matter.  It's just great to get to spend time talking to an adult and doing adult things!  Now maybe you don't go on dates with your spouse because of money issues.  No worries.  Fix a nice little meal (or snack) and go somewhere to enjoy it.  We have a great back deck on our house and it has been the site of several great date nights.  We send the kids somewhere and just enjoy the evening.  We've even gone grocery shopping for date night.  Okay, that one wasn't the most fun I'd ever had on a date, but it was time we were "alone".  We actually talked about some pretty important things during that date.  So here is a list of things you can do on a date.  Some are more pricey or involved than others, but they have all worked for us.

Easy dates (that sounds a little risque')
Movies-at home PPV or at the movies.  Here's a hint, go see the occasional shoot 'em up movie with him and ask him to see the occasional chick flick with you.  The Blindside was great for both!  Make some great popcorn!

Dinner-a no brainer, but go somewhere you've never been and try something new, go before the movie, you'll spend about the same on food and it will be much more satisfying!

Work-out  Do you have a gym membership?  Use it together them relax in the sauna room or whirlpool later

Sporting events-I love sports so this works great for both of us.


State or national parks-stay a weekend.  Many of them have great lodges.  If you like to camp take the tent.  We camped on our honeymoon and a few of our anniversaries.

Spa day-Okay, maybe he won't go for a facial or manicure but who couldn't do with a great massage?   Many places offer couple specials. (Maybe that's what we need to do, my back could sure use it!)

If your first date was a disaster, redo it.  Something kept you together, just try to leave out the things that made it the disaster and replace it with something different.

If your first date was the best ever, redo it.  So what if you were 16 and you went to the drive through at McDonald's then dragged Main until 1 in the morning.  Do it again!

HAVE A DATE NIGHT WITH THE ONE YOU LOVE THAT IS FUN.  Romance is great, but I'd rather laugh and have a great time!

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