Tuesday, December 29, 2009

6 days and counting

Just as a blizzard is a once in 20 year event here in central Oklahoma, the fact that the snow is still around in large quantities is also rare.  Our average high temperature for December runs around 47 degrees.  So you can see that when snow does fall, it doesn't have much of a chance to stick around.  Since Xmas eve the daytime temps have been hovering around 37 degrees, still above freezing, but it takes most of the day to get there and then as soon as the sun sets, the temp goes below freezing again and pretty quickly.  New ice every morning.  We also have around 10 inches of snow that fell.  That helps to keep the temps down and just the sheer amount makes it harder to melt off.  Our roads are fairly clear, and we even went to the mall yesterday, along with everyone else in the OKC metro area!  Cabin fever and after Xmas sales have called to the masses.

We couldn't see the retaining wall a few days ago!

I got my tires.  I could tell the difference immediately.  They handled the snow much better than the other ones.  They are quiet too.  Something about the tread on the old ones, but they were just loud.  I didn't need to crank up the radio to hear it.

Oh, finally found my ducks!

Now I see the ducks!

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