Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snow Tubing


Each year in the month of December, downtown OKC sets up "the nation's largest man made snow tubing slope" in Bricktown Ballpark.  For several years we have wanted to try it out, so this year we did.  We met my sister Amanda and her two girls.  Tab's friend Jessica is still in town, so this was a first for the native Floridian.  I guess it was for the native Okies as well.  You pay for an hour and a half session and can ride as many times as you can.  The lines were long so it only ended up being three times, but they had fun anyway.

Don't have time to pose, gotta get back in line!

While we were downtown we stopped at Bass Pro Shop to find Elijah some waterproof hiking boots.  He and his daddy are going on a camp out this weekend in Northwest Arkansas.  All he has are tennis shoes, so we figured he may need something else.  They are his favorite color, cammo.

Red Head Cub II

Tomorrow night I will be taking Tabitha and three of her friends to an OKC Thunder game. They are on a 4 game win streak, so we hope it extends to 5. Hopefully one of my friends will be able to go with us, I don't want to be the only adult!

Rumble the Bison

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