Tuesday, December 22, 2009


These past two weeks, it seems, if it hasn't been one thing, it's been another.  I washed school uniform pants and skirts this evening.  All are navy blue.  I also threw in a pair of gray slacks that I had just bought myself last week.  I checked all the pockets, because anyone who has little boys knows, they put all sort of things in those pockets.  After pulling out tissues, crumpled notebook paper, candy wrappers, and a rock out of my son's pockets, I threw them in.  Wash, dry, iron, hang up.  Nope, just the first two.  I pulled my slacks out first.  "What is all this on my pants?", I wonder.  Next I pull out a pair of school pants, same thing.  Then a skirt.  UGH!  Item after item has little dandelion yellow spots all over.

Now we all know, clothes are not cheap these days.  I also hate to buy clothes for myself because of trying it on, nothing fits, doesn't look right, whatever.  I also hate to spend money on things that are usually priced several times what they are worth.  My new pants! 

Google "Crayon removal" and you get about 1/2 a million hits.  Great, I really want to scour through these to find a decent solution.  Several sounded good, but most involved WD-40.  I really didn't want to spray oil all over my clothes.  As fate, luck, whatever you want to call it, would have it, this afternoon I had just bought some Murphy oil soap.  It plainly says on the label to not use on waxed floors or woodwork and that it was safe to use on fabric stains.  I'm using it and so far it seems to be working.  The crayon-wax-is coming out of the fabric.  Now I just have rewash everything.  I'll let you know how everything does.  If it works I'll tell you just how I did it.

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