Monday, December 21, 2009

My Poor Ducks

Happier Days

Something is killing my ducks.  We think it is a raccoon.  Now, since this is happening at night, we have a couple of options to weigh.  Do we sit up and wait for the critter and shoot it, or do we set a live trap for it and get some sleep?  I don't know about you, but I need my sleep.  Forget being humane, I need sleep. 

Last night we set the trap.  Some 50 cent sardines make nice bait.  Before 9 p.m. we had something!  Jeff went to check the trap.  Just a cat.  Not our cat, we had locked him in the shop so he wouldn't get in the trap, rendering it useless until we could get him out.  Just a stray from the neighborhood.  Now, that may sound pretty, well, "So you caught a cat in a trap with sardines for bait.  So what?"  I'll tell "So what".  This cat has to be the biggest freakin' cat I've ever seen.  Now my cat is a pretty good sized fella, but this guy, his head was the size of, well, a 1/2 pood kettle bell (trust me, for a cat head that's pretty big.)  I'll bet he weighed 1/2 pood too!  Okay, for those not in the know, a pood is approximately 32 pounds, it;s a Russian measurement for weight.  If you're from Britain, he probably weighed around 1 stone (14 lbs).  I digress.  Anyway, he was huge and probably quite capable of doing in one of my ducks.  These aren't cute little ducks either.  They are Pekins and they usually weigh in around 10 lbs. (That's around 10 lbs in the US. HEEHEE)  The trap is back out and awaiting another critter.  The cat won't be back, sorry. 

Tonight as I go to bed I have six Pekins left.  Hopefully tomorrow I will still have six.

 Quack Grass!

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