Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Too old for this?

As you may or may not know, I Crossfit. Now I am far from being a fire breather, and for the last 5 months I haven't even taken a match out of the box (back injury). None the less, I love to Crossfit. Yesterday the posted WOD (workout of the day) at CFOKC was 10 thrusters/1 sumo deadlift high pull, then 9/2, 8/3, and so one until you reached 1/10. The weight for women was 65#. Before the whole back thing, 65# would have been no problem. It might have been slow, but it was doable. I knew after 5 months off and the back still not 100% (80% might be pushing it) that 65# was out of the question, I also figured I had better cut the numbers as well. So I started at 5/1 and worked to 1/5 with 35#. I finished in less than 2 minutes. I would hope so, that was only fifteen reps of each. Anyway, I thought I was going to die. Sad, isn't it. Well, I did recover fairly quickly but this morning my back and my legs are letting me know, "You did Crossfit!" Now the back isn't hurt, just sore, but tonight I have a basketball game to play. Against a bunch of college freshman. Yes, I am old enough to be their mother!

So, am I too old for this? Not yet. At least not mentally. I'm having fun. I think the back is getting better and I hope to run the 1/2 marathon in OKC this April. I'll let you know tomorrow if I am too old!

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  1. Good to hear you are going to get your half this spring. The OKC Memorial Marathon (both the half and the full) is a GREAT race to run....very fun and nicely done.

    Roll out today, and tomorrow you'll tell us how YOUNG you feel!