Friday, December 25, 2009

Oh glorious snow!

Here in Oklahoma we rarely get blizzard type weather, unless you live in the panhandle.  Well we got one yesterday.  We ended up with at least 10 inches of snow, though it's hard to tell for sure because the wind was blowing steady at 30 mph and gusting to 60 at times.  The last time we got snow like this was Jan 1988.  A long time!  I love it! 



Now I hate that the people who don't have sense enough to stay off the roads and then they get stuck or run off the roads, get that way.  I really hate that there were people who died in this because of carelessness.  You see, it happens so rarely here that people just don't know how to handle it.  It did come at a bad time for most.  It was Christmas Eve and people "had" to go and get those last minute gifts.  People really did need t be picked up at the airport, I'll give you that one, but now the road to airport is so congested with cars that are off the road or stuck that they can't clear it until they get the wreckers in to move the cars.  That is bad for us.  Tabitha's friend is flying in from Florida today and we need to be able to pick her up.  Good thing her flight doesn't get in until 4 p.m.  Welcome to Oklahoma Jessie!

This one set records!

Our neighbor is out clearing the road with his backhoe.  I think I might just take him some Irish coffee.

Our neighbor!

Jessica is a hoot by the way.  She visited last winter and we went snowboarding.  It was the first time that she had seen snow in person.  She has yet to actually see it snow.  We are supposed to get more Tuesday.  She said she was bringing a jacket, good thing Tabitha has an extra coat she could wear.

Jessica and Tabitha.  Sipapu, NM

Well, I'd better finish cleaning the house before she gets here.  We also have people coming for a dessert party tomorrow night and I have one more dessert to make.  Should be fun, if people can get here.

Oh, I haven't seen my ducks, hope they're okay ;o)


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