Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Crayons 2 ( and other updates)

Well, the Murphy oil soap worked.  Crayon is out and no oil stains on the clothes!  I wonder if it will work as well for red crayon on light colored clothing?  Not really willing to test that one out.

The ducks are doing fine.  Still have six of them and we haven't trapped any other animals.  It's hard to believe that it may have been that stupid cat.  Our cat is smart, he didn't even mess with them when they were ducklings.

My foot is barely numb these days.  My back and leg feel better than they have in almost 18 months!! That's great!  Being diabetic, the last thing I need is any extra nerve damage to my feet. 

School seems to be going well for our son.  Instead of just telling him "Good job.", when he has a good day, we have implemented a reward system.  He gets points for having good days and these points earn rewards.  From ice cream dates and Xbox time, to a BB gun.  He really wants the BB gun and he's not been able to play Xbox for a couple of weeks, so his attitude seems to have improved greatly.  Hopefully he'll make it through this year and we'll see about next year.

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